Sunday is a sweet and sassy little Cajun woman, born and raised just north of New Orleans. In the past, her mad skills have earned her jobs as the administrator of government offices, a legal assistant at a major law firm, and manager of a rock band. She also carries a badge and moonlights as a death investigator. This woman loves new experiences, especially those that give her plenty of writing material. However, besides being an author, the day job she’s excelled at for over 15 years–the one that pays the bills–is as a marketing strategist for NYTimes and USA Today Best Selling Authors. She’s ridiculously excited to finally throw her hat in the ring.

She’s most proud of her success as the mom of four boys, and one daughter-in-love. She’s also mimi to two grandbébés. Sunday married her childhood best friend, her soulmate and muse. He’s complicated, but he’s fine as hell and dances better than Channing Tatum. The only thing she cherishes more than growing up with him is getting to grow old with him. They currently reside in the deep south, where the gris-gris is real, channeling your ancestors while cooking is mandatory, and one occasionally gets a glimpse at the infamous Rougarou and lives to tell about it. Oh, and we throw parades for everything, not just Mardi Gras.

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